Fall Plan Regarding Coronavirus Measures

Any plan can change overnight. Here is our best take on what is before us:
We are paying attention to the positive COVID-19 cases in our county and the actions of the Tomah Area School District.

We recognize we cannot stop the spread of COVID-19. We cannot guarantee our building and classrooms are safe from exposure to COVID-19. However, we think that the benefits of gathering for the spiritual development of both youth and adults outweigh certain risks. We also are intent to follow basic precautions to mitigate, but not eliminate, exposure to the coronavirus. You, as individuals, need to decide if you are comfortable attending worship or sending your child to Sunday School based on the safety parameters we are following.

If you have a compromised immune system or have conditions physically placing them at high risk of death from COVID-19, please utilize Gloria Dei’s online resources.

While the recommendations made by the Wisconsin Department of Health and our local county health departments need to be considered, we will not meet every recommendation. We are choosing to follow what we think is a practical plan that meets the concerns of the majority of our members to allow people to gather for worship and study and have students involved in Sunday School and youth activities.

First, the following items are not practical or feasible in the conduct of activities within Gloria Dei’s building:

  • It is not feasible to guarantee that we can provide six feet of social distancing between every child in every classroom due to space limitations.
  • It is not feasible to temperature check every adult or student entering building
  • It is not feasible to make wearing a mask mandatory. We will recommend but not enforce mask wearing for either staff, church attenders or students.

Secondly, we are doing the following:

  • Recommend the use of facemasks and provide disposable face masks for those wishing to do so.
  • Recommend the observance of social distancing between every family.
    Provide hand sanitizer throughout the building. 6 automated stations have been installed for this purpose.
  • Instruct adults and students on the proper way to cough and sneeze into one’s sleeve and use hand sanitizer often.
  • Control traffic in the building to limit the number of touch points needed to navigate the building.

In addition, we will expect:

Every adult member to self-check for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering the building.

NO ONE should come into the building when they feel sick.
Parents to check their children for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering the building.

NO STUDENT should attend any activity when they feel sick.
Every staff member to self-check for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering the building.

NO STAFF MEMBER should work while possibly ill.

If these practical safety protocols are not sufficient in making you comfortable in attending worship or study or sending your child to Sunday School, Gloria Dei is providing online options for worship and instruction.


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