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3 Days of Prayer 2019

Every congregation, member and pastor is being invited to set aside some time each day of January 1, 2 and 3, 2019 for prayer.

Our attitude toward prayer has often been characterized by saying, “well, all we can do now is pray!”  Prayer is not the hopeless act of desperation.  Prayer is a gift that God has given to us as a means to approach the throne of grace with confidence—like that of a child coming to her parents sharing concerns, victories, defeats and every part of life.  It is an opportunity to express the deepest heartache and the greatest joy.  Prayer is a conversation between the Creator and the created…and the conversation began with God, for us, in Christ Jesus.

Each congregation or person can structure this however seems best.

In past years, some congregations have put together a prayer vigil—a person signing up to pray in 30 minute intervals for example—for all three days or a few hours each day.  Others offer a prayer service at a set hour on each of the three days.  Others have encouraged their people simply to pray at work, home, school or while traveling—wherever they are and whatever they are doing.  Whatever works best in your congregation is the right way to go!

No matter how you structure this time of prayer, let’s come together as an association of congregations across the U.S. and around the world to pray! I believe that the church will never rise up until we first get down on our knees!


January 1, 2019


January 3, 2019




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