Back to School Blessings

Back to School Blessings

We have all spent time wondering about or involved in figuring out how school and other activities are going to work for this coming school year. Pastor Dave, Jackie and I have all been discussing, planning and praying about the issues at hand and how to run a safe and effective Sunday School program. We have looked at how our local school system will provide services and how other school systems around the nation are proceeding. At the time of writing this, we are firming up our plans with some unknowns in the mix.

While we realize that we all have differing opinions as to how to provide Christian education in these interesting times, we do have a common goal. All of us want to pass our faith on to the next generation in a meaningful way while keeping our children safe. Teaching God’s Word and His Gospel is not optional for us – we are mandated by God to carry out this work. We must remember that this is the main thing. Of course, while we would all prefer to do this in person, the way in which we approach this with our young people is a secondary issue. One that I am confident the Lord will help us navigate.

What we cannot do without is partnering with the whole Church in carrying out this work, especially those of you who are parents and grandparents. We need you to provide support and encouragement; we need you to engage with your children at home in teaching about our faith in Jesus and the Bible. If we do not do this work together, our faith may be lost and if it is lost, so many of our young people will be too. The negative impact on our nation and world cannot be measured.

I know that we all value education. The greatest universities and educational systems in the world were created and influenced by Christians. And as all of you know, our public-school systems are struggling with what to do too. This has created hardships for school systems, teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, and families and especially the children.

So, what can we as brothers and sisters in Christ do? First, we must keep the main thing and to put God first in every aspect of our lives. But we can also speak up when we have a good idea. We can support our educators and get involved in the schools. We can vote. But first and foremost, we should pray. As we recently read in his book, Max Lucado reminded us that prayer should not be a last resort, it should be our first step.

I recently read a great article entitled, “6 Encouraging Prayers for Students and Teachers Heading Back to School.” I will post the link on my Facebook page. The prayers highlight scripture passages and focus on a variety of needs including safety, purpose, focus, faith, and more.
I believe that through prayer we can impact those who care for and nurture our young people. We can enlighten those who teach and those in authority with wisdom and strength.

It is my personal payer that we will fill all our children with the knowledge of their Maker and Redeemer and that each one of them will come to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In a world where values are decreasing, morality is fading, and persecution is increasing, I believe we all need to help our students to walk humbly, to honor God daily, and to remain true to their calling in Christ.
So please pray for our teachers, pray for our children, and pray for those who are so overwhelmed at this time. Extend grace to those you disagree with and have the courage to say what needs to be said.

In Jesus’ name,
Pastor Scott


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