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Right Now Media Solutions

How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver! (Proverbs 16:16)

This summer has brought one challenge after another to us as Christians. We continue to face COVID-19 concerns that isolate us. The political situation pulls us one direction and then another motivating us to point fingers at each other. Where are the wise voices? Does Jesus have anything to offer in these situations or is our Lord part of the problem?

The Gloria Dei leadership wants to open every opportunity for you to know what it means for following Christ in every situation. That is why we are offering to you RightNow Media, allowing you to explore a library of video presentations from short to long, Bible studies on specific topics and whole books, and children’s programing. All that is necessary is to answer the invitation sent to you in your e-mail box. Here are a few other examples of what you will find:

The “How to Read the Bible” section has great Bible overviews – Giving the big picture of a book of the Bible in 5-7 minutes.

Questions on social issues like race, poverty, hunger? There is much to chose from.

Want to enrich or re-fire your marriage? There are videos from many well-known teachers.

Kids programming – a huge selection!

If you’re a business leader or an employee, the “Work” library offers guidance on all kinds of issues from God’s call for us to work and management to best practices, conflict management and work habits.
Finances? Aging? Take a look!

Even in this time of concern, we’re able to form small groups through online means. For those who are comfortable, I encourage you to get together in a respectful manner and open the Scriptures together using the tools Gloria Dei is more than willing to provide.

The goal is this: to help you in every way to truly become a Spirit-led disciple of Jesus Christ. That happens when we deepen our relationship with God as we dive into the Word of God. We get a sense of God’s deep wisdom that is interwoven into everything. To understand the depth of God’s purpose is priceless. As Solomon wrote as recorded in the book of Proverbs, “How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!”

Renowned sociologist, Rodney Stark, in his book, The Rise of Christianity, expressed how amazed he was by how Christianity grew from one man, Jesus, to a movement that by A.D. 350 had reached 56.5 percent of the western world. Stark commented on the transformation of such a large segment of humanity – their behavior illustrated by their radical response to care for those suffering the ravages of epidemics and take great risk to confront social issues. This led him to comment that these people actually believed the teachings of Jesus. They believed them in such a way that they took on flesh, and they literally changed their world.

Where did it start? They gathered together and prayerfully wrestled through the Scriptures. They listened to God’s voice and chose to live in God’s wisdom.

And there is more! Beginning in September, Pr. Scott and I are going to be preaching through the major themes of Proverbs – one of the most prominent books of wisdom in the Bible.

We need God’s wisdom in these challenging times. God has given us the tools to pursue it and His Spirit to guide us. Take advantage of the opportunities God has given you as a part of this family of faith. Don’t let questions linger. Chase them down, and in so doing, you will discover something more precious than gold and be better equipped to walk the wise road of following Jesus.

Let us all Keep and Live the Faith!
Pr. Dave Dahl


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